A noteworthy experience…

I was at Meijer earlier today (a department store for those of you who don’t know) in the grocery department, the yogurt section more specifically. Anyway, I see a very attractive gentleman in front of me with a Killers t-shirt on. I got a little excited as you guys can imagine. He was in his early twenties, I’m guessing (completely forgot to ask him), and anyways, I tell him I like his shirt and he, surprised, asked “you could recognize it through this?” ‘this’ referring to the sweater he was wearing over it. I then reply, “yes! The Killers are, like, my all time favorite band.” He then begins to walk away with a smile on his face, then saying “cool.” I thought that was that- that that was all the words that we were going to exchange.

A few minutes later, 10 or so, both me and him are conveniently next to each other in the granola section. So he starts having this conversation with me. Did I mention that he was really cute? “What’s your favorite Killers song?” he begins. With some thought, I reply, “Probably ‘This River Is Wild’”. Without giving you guys all the details of our conversation, in short, he was really sweet. We discussed our favorite bands the whole time. It was great, and it was obvious he was flirting (someone attractive flirting with me??? I couldn’t beLIEVE IT.) After he told me my name was cute (ahh), he then asked my age. At that point I knew this wasn’t going to go anywhere (I guess I kinda knew that?), but  I tell him to guess. He guesses 18, and to both of our disappointment, I told him I was actually 16. Like I said before, I didn’t ask how old he was, but by the looks of it, he was in his early to mid twenties. He was real surprised. We spoke for a minute or two more and went our separate ways. Why can I not be 18? Why, why, why?

All in all, it was great for me, shocking not to mention, cause this really attractive person, who liked some bands I liked (The Killers, man, The Killers!) showed interest in me. Ha, that never happens. To conclude: I hope I see him again, just so, maybe we can exchange a few more words and maybe I can get his number anyway.